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Frederick Dost  shares his knowledge and experience by teaching

"How To" massage.

  .When massages become free, your life changes forever...

Lessons are fun and recreational. Not intended for massage licensure or continuing education credits.  This is not standardized industrial massage, it's much different.

Are you trading massages with your partner?  You can receive massage fully clothed you know, not all massages techniques are spa oriented. Often a good ten minute shoulder massage or foot massage when watching TV can make all the difference in ones day.   A healthier relationship awaits you today and yes, you should be getting more massages if you need them.  It's your life, you live it and you design it.

Here is how it works.  

     You establish learning goals and communicate sensitivities or special needs.  A plan is suggested and with your agreement, the lesson begins.  Your life will be changed for the better after the first lesson,  guaranteed!
  For your convenience, the New Wave II massage table is available  for sessions.  This is the premier portable table on the market, you just might want to own one once you feel it!

Design your own session or try a series to get started.

Series 1.  Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Hands.
Series 2.  Back, Hips, Head.
Series 3.  Legs and Feet.
Series 4.  Introduction to modalities.
                 Thai-Massage, Yogassage,  Stretching, Percussion, Hot Stones, and more.

   You choose lotions or creams if any and
you control the sounds, room temperature and lighting.  Learn how variables like aromatherapy can also enhance the massage experience.

Think about this…
 At a typical massage outlet, one couples-massage session plus tip will cost you around $120.-.    A 60 minute couples massage, once a week, adds-up to $6,240. - a year for a couple.  That's a considerable amount of money for only an hour of massage a week.  That's no way to live.

  The alternative?
 Learn yourself and get your partner enthusiastic to participate. You will have enough money left over to buy some nice vacations plus baskets FULL of your own spa goodies!  

Create massage moments at home and they’ll add-up to hours of pain relief, better posture, and a new skill set to improve your quality of life!

Pricing ALWAYS flexible.  321-662-6374